Bishop is a theater artist who creates work that is visually inventive and highly collaborative. His practice focuses on the intersection between designed objects, puppets, architecture and spaces, and live performance. He has produced with and been produced at Redmoon, Chicago Children's Theatre, First Floor Theater, The Chicago Park District, BrainFrame, Corner Gallery, The University of Chicago, Second Floor Rear, The Toledo Museum of Art, and Hermes Boutiques in Nagoya, Japan and Hangzhou, China.

"This is excellent children's theater." - The Chicago Reader
"It's exquisite, and the three performers are too." -The Chicago Reader
"3 Stars -crammed with whimsy." -Chicago Tribune
"Fun for kids of all ages." -The Chicago Reader
"Really Awesome...People should see this show because it is funny, the puppets are great, and it has a great atmosphere." -Ada Grey Reviews for You
"Encourages visitors to pull levers and turn cranks in order for them to wholly immerse themselves into the splendor of their story and exhibition." -New City
"A high degree of artistry" -Southside Weekly