Vincent Gaulin

Ideas that enrich socialization bring us together. Food, music, dance, athletics, fashion and decor energize places of gathering, and their processes ease the hard work of sustaining our attentiveness to each other's needs. Art stands as a critical check on group power and an important alternative to troublesome norms by considering/developing capacities at the human scale. Creative processes become affirmative (and sometimes reparative) by renewing or expanding a sense of "what can I do?" or "what is my capacity (to feel, to think, to act, to respond)?" in explicit proximity to the programs, powers, and histories lending form to our togetherness.

My work promotes a discipline of embodied liberation and improvisation through a self-enforced routine of togetherness. I perform a dance workout in public space several times a week, "Freedom Dance," and I also present site-adapted works for art spaces, where I narrativize my own grappling with philosophical dynamics in a "down-home," feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, ecologically-focused kind of way. By creating commonness around public "liberation routines" and by conversationally rendering starkly political subject matter, my goal is to promote and embody an economy that radically values and rewards social labors.

Specific references follow three main (but not exhaustive) lines of interest:
- Contemporary 'lifestyle' marketing, design, branding, and logistics, which sustain the dominant 'politics of consumerism' in my biographical present
- Southeastern Appalachian dance and storytelling traditions, which have been dominant in my biographical past
- Black American Jazz or "modern music," which provides one of the most compelling examples in recent United States history of a truly liberated social form
  • Chicago, United States