Michael Shantz is an artist from the westcoast of Canada, currently residing in Montreal. He is an illustrator mainly working digitally but also painting (watercolor, ink, acrylic), sculpting toys and jewellery, fashion design, pattern design, logos and branding, creative and art direction and more.
His work has taken him over seas to work in the UK, but his work has also reached as far as Japan, Belgium, NYC and Mexico. You could say Michaels work is slowly taking over the global art world.
His client list includes such powerhouse brands as Giro Snowboards, Mishka clothing (NYC), Drop Dead (uk), and Front Magazine (uk) , just to name a few.Shantz also does a lot of album/ merch art, taking his ideas to bizzare new levels with musicians like Britney Spears, Dylan Ross, Fake Shark, SWAG TOOF, Twiztid, Bring me the Horizon, The Red Shore, I killed the Prom Queen, Architects and Your Demise to name just a few....
Dont expect to forget about Shantz as his projects and idea seem to only be getting bigger and no matter where you are or what you enjoy, you will probably see some of his world creeping into your world !