TAF Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

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Available for Freelance: Yes
Job status: Freelancer
TAF Vancouver is a film challenge workshop that aims to make movies in 1 day with very restricted means !

- 1 or 2 days,
- extra small teams,
- extra short movies !

It is well known that in the cinema industry working time can be crazy !This leads a lot of people to give up the creation of personal projects. Or worse, loose their passion.
Inspired by an experience that sparked at Caravel Collective​, we would like to launch a monthly workshop to make OUR OWN MOVIES again !

By improvising short films in a very limited time, from shooting to online upload, our aim is to reclaim our enthusiasm from moviemaking. Cutting from damaging overwhelming ambitions and thanks to short production times, keep fun and creativity as a motor while giving the most pro result we can give in the timeframe !

A personal challenge is a great motor for creativity when ambition is measured,
I see the workshop as a personal challenge to stay creative and experiment new things !

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here's the Facebook group, join in if (or contact us) if you are willing to participate !
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Now let's rock this thing !