Berlin, Germany

Areas of Creation

Available for Freelance: Yes
Job status: Freelancer
"My art is a collage of experiences, visions and sensations. it stands as a channel for emotions that I cannot express in any other way. I'm inspired by people I work with, communities I live in, and places I travel to. My dream has always been to playfully integrate the disciplines of drawing, storytelling, design, music and performance into my work and at the same time stay true to the documentary aspect alongside my personal interpretation".

Though known as a Designy Illustrator and Animator, Boaz Balachsan regards himself as a visual storyteller. With Israeli roots, currently based in Berlin, Boaz is fascinated by the human condition and therefore enjoys creating multidimensional work that invokes an emotional connection and still allows plenty of room for interpretation. A graduate from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, his work exhibits bright and playful ideas through fascinating characters and patterns which are inspired by folktales, philosophy, and humour. Boaz is currently a director at Werkstatttraum, the Berlin based art & design collective, where he continues to showcase his talent for beautifully stylized ideas through various mediums such as illustration, graphic design, street art, and animation. His animated works have been screened in many festivals around the world and received numerous awards.

1st Place for "NAVITECT", Devops Hackathon, Berlin - 2017
1st Place for "God Is Kidding", BITFILM festival, Hamburg - 2013
3rd Place Mannheim Kurzfilmfestival "Bermuda Shorts", Mannheim - 2015