Cody Hann

United States

Areas of Creation

Available for Freelance: Yes
Job status: Freelancer
Casual Contact:
Twitter: @Channfree
Instagram: @Channgief
Youtube: Channgief

Work Contact:
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Hello, my name is Cody Hann. I am a freelance 2D Spine animator and 3D maya animator! Uh... I like video games, "certain" animes, and video games. Did I mention I like video games? No? It's probably because I [expletive] love video games. I love them so much... I would love them over SLEEP! Over [expletives involving a volleyball and a slightly browned pieces of toast with cream cheese], and over FOOD, no. I love food too much. Well you wanted to know more about me and I feel like if you break this down to the core functionalities of the properties of justice. You will in the end learn about the freight waves of the malaculent subsidies of parental guidance and the nuances of shouldering pixies. If you would still like to contact me after seeing that I'm obviously... not crazy, well I put my contact info first for a reason... so... [mic drop] (Author's note: I did not have a mic at the time so I dropped my keybofuiobdligx;cv.n,m ,zdfg,