Areas of Creation

Available for Freelance: Yes
Job status: Freelancer
Gwen Taualai is a Sydney-based creative technologist and music composer whose work explores themes of human connection and disconnection (technically, culturally and ideologically).
Gwen has exhibited in as part of a collective for Vivid 2018, and as a solo artist at Caldera 2018, Underbelly 2017 and SyncX 2017. Her work as a sound engineer, and music composer and director was featured in Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2017, The National 2017: New Australian Art,Justene Williams and Mikala Dwyer's Futurist Opera Collaboration 2017,and 2017 NIDA Postgrad Show. Gwen also tutors in the Masters of Interactive Design and Electronic Arts at the University of Sydney.

Gwen's work includes interactive art, digital musical instrument design, electromagnetic signal device recorder design, generative music and audio reactive visuals, site-specific sound walks, and sound design and original music composition for film and interactive games.

A balanced sound designer with a background in traditional western art music composition and theory, Gwen has experience in a wide range of audio production and post-production including:

Sound Effects Design
Sound Editor/Mixer for multimedia projects, music projects and film
Field Recordist
Audio Editor
Live Mixer/Sound Designer for Interactive artworks

Gwen's technical skills include:

Digital Signal Processing and Live Data Sonification: Max/MSP and Jitter
Computer Programming Languages:Javascript, HTML5, php and individualised API development for Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud
Generative Visual Design: Algorithmic and audio reactive visuals to accompany a wide range of audio projects
Proficient in Pro Tools, Ableton + Max for Live, Logic, Max/MSP, Jitter and experience with Final Cut Pro, Hype and Musical Instrument Design.