Brynna Raine Higgins

Philadelphia, United States

Areas of Creation

Available for Freelance: Yes
Job status: Freelancer
You've reached the portfolio of the creative paradox: I respect following dreams but, instead of follow, I prefer to actively lead.

I'm searching for projects where my global perspective, experience, and unique mix of creative talents and technical skills can accomplish company goals in new ways. With a broad educational background and variety of experiences I plan to embark on a new chapter in the creative industry helping businesses bring ideas to life.
I'm driven by a passion and curiosity that knows no boundaries. I've studied at traditional institutions, cultural epicenters, and even attended Circus School to study contortion. I attempt to bend barriers and help clients see situations from unexpected perspectives. A real jack-of-all trades, I've spent my life creating a very distinctive personal narrative yearning for you to be included in the story.

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