Serena Garcia

As someone who grew up on historic St. Simons Island, Georgia, I have been intrigued with storytelling and storytellers. My paternal ancestor, Robert S. Abbott left our island home and moved to the Midwest to publish the Chicago Defender newspaper in the early 1900s. He and other storytellers influenced my professional path. My communications and marketing career of almost 25 years has afforded me the opportunity to continue a tradition of influencing ideas by adapting to technological change and industry nuances. Over the years, I have managed small newspapers and magazines, working with a creative team to deliver stories appealing to specific audiences. I have worked in advertising and graphic design roles to
increase awareness and sell lifestyle changing products. I have used
photography and videography to convey ideas and inform. I have used social media messaging and online blogs to inspire laypeople to an outcome-based call to action. And I have worked across departments to create marketing materials to best position our messages for targeted audiences.

I work best in a creative environment where I can drive impressions, tell a
story, demonstrate relevance and drive impact and engagement. My ability to work collegially across departments and within communities has been crucial to my career and has required effective relationship building and resourcefulness.

In my current and past roles, I have been engaged as an instructor, presenter,researcher, marketer, communicator, and servant leader for my organization and community. I bring a wealth of skills, experience, and vigor and most importantly a love for shaping behavior, attitudes, and decision making to enhance quality of life.
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