Ardith McCann

What Pi + C and I encapsulate can be found in the logo:
Core: Core competency, thought/rationality, research, articulation, art
Celestial: Infinite possibilities
Circle: Close loop, full circle
Axis: Balance, balancing act, crisscross
Math: Practical application and measurement
Design: Art, art direction, artistry

As you well know, the world of business is mutating with evermore alacrity. It’s an expensive proposition to anticipate what will happen next and how it will affect your business—all while continuing to focus on current demands.

Marketing is one area of business that is more critical than ever. Yet, the technology changes as quickly as the profile of target audiences. It needs to be adaptable and scaleable. It can be costly. So, agility, logic, and common sense are as necessary to successful marketing as creativity.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Pi + C. Our mission is to deliver practical, creative solutions to business quandaries. How we do this is purposefully open-ended. But our core competencies are: Research, Strategy, Marketing, and Writing.

A collection of my writing and other creatives samples can be found in my Pi + C pinboard on Pinterest @

“… Ardith is one of the smartest, most energetic people I know. Both her strategic and execution skills are second to none. She is a seasoned marketer and has not only mastered her trade but also has a vision for what exceptional marketing can do for a company.”
— Rasha Hasaneen, Senior Director, Global Strategy, Hitachi Data Systems
  • Fort Worth, United States
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