Personal with Michael John

"The eyes are the windows to the soul."
Personally, I think they are also a passage to the heart. Any emotion can be triggered and a moment felt with just 1 single image perceived through the eyes.

I am an easy going, down to earth all around animal lover. I also love what I do as a career! I feel honoured and privileged getting involved with new opportunities and technologies which lends itself to furthering my intellectual property and set of skills as a Graphic Designer and Visual Media Specialist.

I have, therefore, spent many years learning, developing and honing my skills, building a solid base, that I really enjoy and excel at and that is working with brands. Either from the ground, at logo conceptualization stage, or at any level through the developmental process, all the way through the roll-out stage, including but not limited to all printed & digital media and collateral.

I have had the privilege of working with and building strong local and international brands like Premier Hotels & Resorts, Shell oil, Aramex, Eikendal Wine, Alfa, Fiat, Red Nail Design House, BA Tobacco, IDC, NCR, MERSETA, SETA Solutions, NDA, EPWP, DTI, Cipro and SC Johnson.

Dynamic, creative and technically minded with a strong background, priceless
experience and passion for visual arts and visual media. I work effectively both on my own and with others. Strong ability to problem solve in order to achieve optimum results and, in a project environment, I can exercise management of time, staff when needed, and materials effectively. I like to be hands-on and focused in the creative and design realm.
  • Cape Town, South Africa
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  • Freelance