Michael Simons | Yale

Dr. Michael Simons, Yale University's Robert W. Berliner Professor of Medicine, stands out as an innovative researcher in cardiovascular science. In his early research, he facilitated the identification of a key control gene in smooth muscle cells and led the use of antisense oligonucleotides to facilitate restenosis following arterial injury. Since that time, Dr. Michael Simons of Yale has shifted his focus to angiogenesis and the use of growth factors in ischemic disease treatment.

Distinguished as the lead of the first clinical trial to study coronary angiogenesis, Dr. Simons then shifted his focus to arteriogenesis and growth factor signaling. He has uncovered a number of critical mechanisms and has identified pathways that have prepared medical science to investigate new potential therapeutic approaches. The recipient of numerous grants from the National Institutes of Health and other prominent funding organizations, he has led cardiovascular research programs at both Yale and Dartmouth Universities to prestige at the national level.

Named a visiting professor by the British Heart Foundation and a distinguished foreign expert by the government of China, Dr. Michael Simons co-directs the biomedicine consortium of Yale University and University College London. He travels the world as a lecturer and presenter, as well as sharing his expertise as senior editor of the peer-reviewed journal Vascular Cell. An editor or reviewer for more than 25 journals, he also serves as a grant reviewer for several funding groups.