Krysta Whittingslow

"Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson
I am a Ningy Ningy Murri woman who is a pre-service secondary teacher for the Creative Visual Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences.I also hold a Communications and Media Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Western Australia.
I am currently in my lastsemester of the Masters in Teaching at UWA. It's a challenging position to be a teacher but I find it extremely rewarding. My goal is to work in a remote community once I graduate and help students learn in a way that is relatable and tailored to meet their learning needs in regards to their home and their futures.I have traveled around Australia many times via car and air. I haven't stopped traveling the world since 2012 when I first applied for my passport. I have lived abroad in the Netherlands for several months for Vrije University and have been able to make great relationships with many. I am grateful for all the knowledge shared and conversations that I have had during my many self-driven journey's. Every person and every challenge that has ever crossed my path has helped to create another connection, opened another road and given me more insight to the broader world around us. I look forward to completing this semester and learning more about using and embedding ICT in my teaching pedagogy in which I can prepare our future citizens the skills needed for a digitally connected World.
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