illustration and art direction

Officially an illustrator, but as most freelance work goes, you end up needing to be so much more. I'm often called upon to do as much art direction and design as anything else. This comes in handy when I'm called upon to create design and illustration that harmonize for a current use, as well as planning for any potential future evolutions of a project.

My focus is often toward the teen-juvenile market. I love designing skateboards, t-shirts, silkscreened posters, toys and package design, but I've also been known to create infographics, medical illustration, logos, copy, branding, and even costume & character design. It all happens in this little home office.

My active client roster includes LEGO (Master Builder Academy, and LEGO Club Magazine), Worcester Restaurant Group, Pitini Enterprises, and Looney Labs, maker of the Fluxx card games.

Other clients include: The Boston Globe, Morbid Industries (Rubies), Pitini Enterprises,, Halloween Outlet, Smith & Jones Marketing, Victory Productions, RDW Group, Delin Design, Crompton Collective, That's Entertainment, Undercover Fish Group, Hiram Walker,, Central Mass Roller Derby, Carmel Laboratories (MA), PTC, and Cisco Systems.