Ashok Bagdy

A significant portion of Ashok Bagdy’s career has been dedicated to helping new businesses start up and succeed. Over the course of his career, Bagdy has amassed a wide skill set that has helped him to achieve his professional objectives; he is not only an experienced business developer, but also a seasoned strategist and manager. Bagdy currently serves as the Vice President of Outsourcing for Cameo Corporate Services Limited.

After completing his undergraduate studies in commerce and finance at Madras University in India, Ashok Bagdy moved to Coimbatore, India, where he attained his MBA in Finance at Bharathiar University, graduating in the top 5% of his class. Bagdy’s first professional business role was at the Bagdy Group, a family owned conglomerate of mineral mining and processing companies. As the company’s principal, Bagdy held a number of management-related duties. Emphasizing company efficiency and productivity, his accomplishments at the Bagdy Group included growing gross income margins through contract renegotiation and playing an integral part in doubling company revenue over two years, giving rise to a 25% increase in the turnover of receivables.

Over the next several years, Ashok Bagdy obtained a Master of Science in Computer and Information Science from Temple University and accepted Director of Business Development posts with several companies. His responsibilities included establishing, sustaining, and improving relationships with clients; he also played a significant role in operations management and strategy development. As Hiltex Exports’ head of U.S. operations, Bagdy performed background checks for credit risk management, held a comprehensive business operations role that included customs and regulation-clearance, and was responsible for maintaining a receivables quota. As Business Development Director at, Bagdy made strategic assessments of market opportunities, expanded revenue-maximizing strategies, implemented new business initiatives, and conducted rigorous research of market trends and revenue potential. As Business Developer at Copytalk, Bagdy facilitated a partnership between its sister company and one of India’s eminent transcription companies, ushering Copytalk’s affiliate into the medical transcription market.