Adapted Mind Math

Parent approved, Adapted Mind Math encourages kids to actively learn new concepts actively and in ways that boost academic performance. As they progress through age-appropriate modules, students gain confidence through tackling problems selected to expand skills in specific areas of weakness. Children respond actively to Adapted Mind Math’s game-like learning environment, which includes badges and cute monsters, and stay motivated to reach the next level of achievement.

The company’s offerings include thousands of videos that are designed for productive review of core concepts. Parent testimonials focus on the ways that kids have used the online platform to overcome classroom struggles in integrating new concepts. One parent of a young achiever applauds the way in which the curriculum progresses in sync with children’s current capacities. Moreover, lessons progress in ways that are responsive to learners’ actual needs.

Created by graduates of elite universities, the comprehensive products and services also span a full K-6 reading curriculum and are accessible at no risk through a free one-month trial membership period.