1st UK Mortgages

1st UK Mortgages is the number one resource for individuals looking for a mortgage, but who may have less than perfect credit. Maybe you’ve been actively searching for a mortgage but don’t know what options are the best for bad credit, or even if a mortgage is something that would be available based on your credit score.

At 1st UK Mortgages, we have access to all lenders on the UK market, and understand what each lender looks for in an applicant. We will work closely with you, gather the personal information that lenders require, and discuss different options that are available.

We then work to secure you the best mortgage deal available for your wants and needs. At 1st UK Mortgages, it is our goal to work with those that may not be able to secure a mortgage themselves – and we love assisting each of our clients, helping them purchase their new home!

If you have ever been declined or refused a mortgage, we are here to ensure that does not happen again. Start by filling out the mortgage quote on our website and a mortgage advisor will reach out within 24 hours.

Products and Services

·Mortgage advice for individuals with bad credit
·Bad credit mortgages
·Bad credit remortgages
·Fully CeMAP qualified brokers
·Access to thousands of different mortgages
·All credit histories welcome
·Free advice, with no obligation
·Much more!


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