Vin DiCarlo Inc.

Years ago, Vin DiCarlo was a shy and inexperienced young man who had a great deal of trouble getting dates. In fact, he could scarcely even calm his nerves to say hello to an attractive woman. After suffering through years of rejection, however, he discovered a number of ways to build his confidence, and he began attracting members of the opposite sex. These techniques ultimately became the basis for Vin DiCarlo, Inc., a targeted coaching and education organization based in New York City.

Employing methods that were certified by a top Harvard psychologist and verified by a number of business, educational, and military institutions, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., has developed a number of systems to help men meet women and develop passionate relationships. One of the company’s leading products is Pandora’s Box, a detailed presentation that identifies eight major personality types among women. Pandora’s Box also outlines comprehensive strategies that help men successfully interact with women of various personality types.