Texas Energy Mutual

Built on more than 150 years of combined experience in the oil
industry, Texas Energy Mutual, LLC, headquartered in the city of
Grapevine, pursues drilling opportunities throughout Texas, Oklahoma,
and Louisiana. The firm’s staff of scientists and engineers collaborate
to create efficient processes that maximize resource extraction efforts
and benefit pipeline companies and investors alike. Advanced technology
allows the company to simultaneously lower production costs and risks.
Texas Energy Mutual (TEM) strives to exploit domestic oil and natural
gas reserves to improve the economy. These collective efforts have
created thousands of full-time jobs and have provided millions of
dollars in revenue to local government programs.

A few of TEM’s
current pursuits include multiple programs throughout Oklahoma,
including the Thunderhead Prospect which includes plans for 16 Oil wells
at present. Texas Energy Mutual continues to exploit opportunities in
the Oil exploration business using the experience of a seasoned and
capable team.