Brian Steely

"Based in Atlanta, Brian Steely has a unique style that we can't get enough of. Using simple line-art, he manages to produce a range of diverse and inspiring logo designs for a number of outlets. From food products to bike shops, his style works for every single one." - Creative Bloq

"Brian Steely is an American designer, who is widely known for his unique line logos. There are many reasons why I admire his work, the intricacy and symmetry to name but a few. By following a simple line structure and a very minimal colour palette, he is able to create these beautifully decorative logos. I love the Art Deco/1920’s feel it gives. Brian's work reinforces that it is not only the graphic that begins unravelling what a company does, but also the style it has been created in. It’s amazing how the combination of a number of lines and a close attention to detail creates these classic logos." - Karen Hall, CWA

I've been working at an agency for 18 plus years. Currently taking select projects. Feel free to to get in-touch.
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