Sentry Energy Production LLC

Sentry Energy Production LLC explores and develops oil and natural
gas reserves, employing the latest technology that enables new
production in previously active areas. The privately held company, based
in Addison, Texas, possesses the knowledge and experience to identify
geographically low-risk sites. Sentry Energy also locates new pay zones
of existing wells with a previous history of success. Such sites include
transportation infrastructure for the production of oil and natural
gas, thus saving production costs. In addition to utilizing enhanced
technology, Sentry Energy outshines competitors by focusing on the best
possible experience for joint-venture partners. By conducting due
diligence and operating transparently, with direct and honest
communication, the experts at Sentry Energy endeavor to form
long-lasting relationships with partners that prove mutually beneficial.
Partnering with Sentry Energy allows investors to diversify their
portfolios and participate actively in an industry vital to the
country’s future. On the Web, visitors to the Sentry Energy website,, can learn about the industry terms with a glossary and
obtain contact and due-diligence information. A members-only area
allows Sentry Energy partners to receive updates on projects and access
an oil and gas calculator. The website also provides a link to
up-to-the-minute crude-oil price graphs and charts. With gas prices and
other energy costs skyrocketing, the work of Sentry Energy becomes more
important than ever. Such a vital company, with experience and expertise
in efficient oil and natural gas exploration and development, may
someday enable the U.S. to reduce or even eliminate its reliance on
foreign energy production. Sentry Energy continues to seek joint-venture
partners for future exploration and development.