Sandbox Logistics

Houston, United States

Areas of Creation

Available for Freelance: No
SandBox Logistics is a privately held company specializing in the storing, handling, and delivering of hydraulic fracturing proppant. Established in 2012, SandBox Logistics adopts innovative methods and containerization techniques to provide solutions for companies in oil field services and exploration and production that need to obtain proppant delivery with less hassle while minimizing the silica dust hazards on the jobsite and in neighboring communities.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, SandBox currently operates from six stations in the United States: Fairfield, North Dakota; Greeley, Colorado; Morgantown, West Virginia; and Odessa, Cotulla, and Houston in Texas. These stations cover all of the major basins and shale plays in the US.

SandBox Logistics uses a forklift to load their containers onto a single cradle that directly delivers the frac sand to the wellhead. The company also uses a lightweight chassis and fewer tractors to provision a pre-delivery of the proppant at the well-site or stall until it is needed. In the future, the company plans to use special containers designed to be stacked and staged at sand mines, ready to transport. Also, the company envisions using custom-made rail cars that would require less transport space. Similarly, the company is planning to introduce a mobile trans-loading facility that has scalable storage capabilities.