Mentiradeloro (Esther Cuesta)

I'm a professional illustrator and product designer from Segovia ( Spain). My paintings have been exhibited quite a lot of times. I have participated in art exhibitions of some significance and now I'm starting to exhibit my works in restaurants, pubs, public buildings, etc. . I have also illustrated some books with my drawings.

Some of my works have traveled as far away as the Czech Republic and the United States. Currently, I send my works anywhere, offering the best quality for unbeatable prices.

I have received several awards throughout my career , including the award "New creators" in the category of Product Design given by Caja Segovia in 2010.

Part of my biography as an artist is shown in the book "Unique Character. La Granja-Valsaín (1737-2008)” by Federico Suárez Caballero.

On the other hand, I have worked as a professional graphic designer, developing (on my own) a complete campaign for the creation of a new brand. At present, the mark is registered and running.

Apart from that, I make product designs on request. I possess extensive knowledge of the vast majority of software used nowadays to design in both 2D and 3D.

If you are loking for an original gift or design, do not hesitate to contact me.