Leïla Chihab

Videos games and books have been the 2 biggest influences in my life and I can not start the day without a novel or game somewhere at hand's reach. Today, I am specially inspired by video games that hint at artists or authors. These are the type that leave the strongest memories. I play just like a read a good novel. I also attend events in which I can get to know new technologies and meet passionate people.

My knowledge in Art History and illustrations allow me to diversify my graphic styles and to adapt easily to get the best representation of the world game designers want to create. Interested in each aspects of game creation, I can communicate easily with developers and have been recognized to be someone nice to work with
My work with the video game industry include 2 years as a 2D artist on a Facebook social game and several mobile or web games created in collaboration with indie teams.

I am currently looking for new projects and opportunities in this industry.