Hi, I was born in 1975 in Copertino, a little town in the south of Italy.
I was 14 whem my brother took me to the cinema to see "The Wall", and then my life changed.
I took a Flash animation Diploma at "Scuola Politecnica di Design" in Milan and in 2001 I started to product my own animations.After a Multimedia Design Master in Florence I started to write and developed many clips and animations, music videos and short videos that won many prizes, like the MTV Flash Awards at Hamburg Bitfilm Festival, the Giffoni music Concept for the best animation videoclip, the first prize at Independent film Festival inFlorida, special jury prize at I’VE SEEN FILM FESTIVAL, the first prize at Camper Walking contest inBarcellona, the Italian windowat Resfest, London Film Festival, and more.

In 2006, with a crew of designer, I founded a multimedia agency, Plasmedia

In 2008 I write and animate the short serie URBAN JUNGLE for MTV ITALIA, about the various metropolitan animals (Metal kids, Darkers, Indie kids, Emo…).
From 2007 I started my visual experience (best Italian Vj in 2009) and from 2011 my 3D Architectural Mapping experience.

Cartoonist, videomaker, Visual performer, 3D mapper, Hermes Mangialardo dal 2003 si occupa di tutto ciò che ruota intorno all'animazione digitale. Dai corti ai videoclip, premiati nei maggiori festivals nazionali e internazionali fino a visual live performace e stage video designer per Khaossia e vari artisti (Icona Pop, Mauro Ottolini, Miss Kittin, Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, Andro.id from Negramaro, Luca Aquino, ecc.), attività per la quale vince il titolo BEST ITALIAN VJ 2009. Dal 2006, insieme ad uno staff di designer, ha creato Plasmedia ( www.plasmedia.it ) , un’agenzia specializzata nella comunicazione digitale in generale (Web, animazioni, video, carta stampata, applicazioni multimediali, video arte ). Nen 2008 crea per MTV la serie URBAN JUNGLE.

Via Brunetti, 6 - 73100 - LECCE- ITALY
Via Vici 28 C/o Plasmedia - Foligno - Italy
Tel: (+39) 3207298830
Skype: hermes.mangialardo