Miguel Ángel Martínez

Hello there!

I'm currently developing video games at my own studio, SpellWare (www.spellware.net) and working as a freelance illustrator.

I have worked as an employee and freelance for over a decade in various positions within the creative world. From publication design, interactive media, book illustration, animation to 3D modeling.

I am currently developing games, alongside a very talented team, bringing the artistic direction and game design. I love creating new worlds, challenge players, and surprise artistically.

Personally I'm always open to new challenges, learn and share experiences and knowledge.

Want to know more about me? Have an interesting project? Drop me an email!

e. miguel.martinez@spellware.net
w. spellware.net (games) / foxbyte.me (Illustration)
t. @f0xbyte
b. http://canofpencils.blogspot.com/
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