Elma R Kukaj

Basic Info:
Name: Elma Kukaj
Location: New York, NY
Birthplace: Tirana, Abania
Email: erama@sva.edu
Interior Designer | Photographer | Amateur Chef

History of my photography:
I initially started doing photography out of love for beauty and capturing the moment's tiniest details. This kind of art taught me how to see people and the world in a very different perspective. I'm a self-taught photographer so I did a bit more research on the history of photography, cameras & evolution of human beings from one century to another. It amazed me how beautiful humanity andnature could be. During this period, I learned how to put my own taste to a beauty well put before hand. I like to make everything attractive to the critique's eye; that being part's of a normal day's routine or parts of human emotions on every day situations. I am nothing unusual or unseen, but I do try to make my life unique and special; and photography is a big part of it. I believe that giving people the pleasure of looking at a photograph and experiencing life with a whole different angle and attitude is what makes me content as an artist-in-progress.