Dr Sridhar Yaratha

Throughout his career in psychiatry, Dr. Sridhar Yaratha has
presented lectures and seminars in a variety of settings. He most
recently spoke before fourth-year psychiatry residents at the Virginia
Commonwealth University School of Medicine, where he shared his insights
on recovery as an element of mental health treatment. Dr. Sridhar
Yaratha also has spoken on such diverse psychiatry care topics as
dementia, social anxiety, sleep disorders, and schizophrenia. In 2003,
he appeared on WQPT public television in Moline, Illinois, to speak on
the instances of mood disorders in women across the lifespan.

a forensic psychiatrist at Central State Hospital in Petersburg,
Virginia, Dr. Sridhar Yaratha serves as attending practitioner for the
Men's Long-Term Forensic Unit. Also responsible for covering the Civil
Commitment Unit as well as Acute Admissions Units for both men and
women, he contributes to his professional community as president of the
medical staff.

Extensively experienced in both inpatient and
outpatient care, Dr. Yaratha serves as attending psychiatrist for
outpatient adult care at Gateway Homes as well. There, he oversees the
treatment of outpatient clients with chronic mental illnesses.