Ana Docoito Nelson

Since 2012, Ana Docoito-Nelson has served as property manager at Gramatan Management, Inc., in New York, overseeing all aspects of the operations of properties. Some of her duties include the oversight of improvements to the building such as roof and facade repairs as well as the preparation of budgets and operational expenditures. Her responsibilities also include the hiring and supervision of all on-site personnel. Prior to taking on this role, Ana Docoito-Nelson served as assistant manager and administrative support with the same company.

Before coming to Gramatan, Ana Docoito-Nelson built her skills at a variety of other companies, including Preston Wynne Spa, Stan Adler Associates, and Elisa Dreier Reporting. At Elisa Dreier, she served as an executive assistant, providing direct support for the organization's president and serving as a liaison between a variety of free lance court reports and clients.

Ms. Docoito-Nelson earned an associate degree from Westchester Community College in business and marketing in 1993. She also completed 1,000 hours of study at the Heartwood Institute, learning about holistic health practices.