Diane Kaern

A graduate of the MBA program at the University of Pittsburgh,
Diane Kaern has cultivated expertise in sales operations and financial
management in her business career. During her tenure at Siemens AG, she
held various finance positions and culminated her career as finance
manager of the Ultrasound Division at Siemens Medical Systems. In this
controller capacity, she worked to achieve the company’s financial goals
and objectives in the global productivity process. Siemens three times
awarded Diane Kaern an Outstanding Achievement Award and nominated her
for membership in the Circle of Excellence, which is reserved for only
the top 5% of employees demonstrating exemplary performance.

a successful career at Siemens, Diane Kaern joined the Hewlett-Packard
Company (HP). At HP, she held the positions of WW strategic alliances
sales operations manager and Global sales compensation analytics &
reporting manager. Functioning as the sales operations manager, she
oversaw the critical reporting functions that measured key metrics in
alliances that were important components in the HP strategic plan.
Similarly, in her analytics and reporting manager role, she analyzed,
measured, and controlled key metrics vital to sales compensation. In
2008, HP presented an Outstanding Achievement Award to Diane Kaern.