Chandi Heffner

Chandi Heffner, founder and president of the Chandi D. Heffner International Foundation (CDHIF) and Chandi D. Heffner International Foundation India (CDHIFI), is a dedicated philanthropist who focuses her efforts on improving the lives of the poor in India. The two interconnected foundations, which are non-governmental and non-political, supply aid and medical care to more than 100,000 humans and 50,000 animals each year.

Among her duties as head of CDHIF, Ms. Heffner not only directs project implementation; she also joins staff in the field and ministers directly to disadvantaged people. She takes no compensation or reimbursement for her efforts or expenses, as 100 percent of funds are used for projects benefiting the needy.

Aside from offering free medical services and medicine, CDHIF also meets the needs of rural communities in India by providing food, wheelchairs, clothing, and temporary shelter. Other projects have included community improvement efforts, such as a river clean-up and burials for those without families. Find out more about Ms. Heffner’s foundations at