Baris Cigal

Hello, I am an indie game developer focused on mobile game development currently. I work as an indie, i live as an indie.
In the past i got experience on 3D artistry and worked on game/animation studios as a 3d generalist (ie jack-of-all-3d-trades) .
But my artist experience top point was to be the Director of an Animated Tv Series which was really fun and exhausting. But fun!. In the 2.5 years directing the series (Keloglan) I have gained lots of friends and skills. And decided i want to use these storytelling and other abilities on my greater passion: "games".
So i changed the rail to be a game developer. It took a bit time to grasp the Unity 3D and C# development but in the end i have released a few of my own projects and worked on many contract development projects.
Currently building some more games and games :)
  • Ankara, Turkey
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