Peter Bergstein

A native of Holland, Peter Bergstein balances a commitment to philanthropic and community organizations with the pursuit of diverse hobbies. The many nonprofit groups he has supported over the years include the South Plains Food Bank, which works to grow, collect, and distribute food to people in need. Additionally, Peter Bergstein backs the Texas Boys Ranch, a residential childcare organization near Lubbock. The working ranch houses more than 30 boys between the ages of three and 18 living under the guidance of caring adults.

In addition to his active support of these groups, Peter Bergstein has served on the boards of several volunteer and education organizations. In the past, he has served as the chairman of the board for the All Saints Episcopal School and as a board member for Lubbock Rotary Club and Methodist Hospital. He has also been a member of the Lubbock Emergency Planning Committee and the Texas Tech Executive Round Table Counsel.

Outside of his work in the community, Mr. Bergstein pursues a range of hobbies that include sailing, skiing, and fly fishing. A lover of international cuisine, he counts Swiss and Italian among his favorite types of food.