Raised 104%
$3129 / $3000

The Auction

We asked 28 artists to complete canvases
paintbombed by over 100 people.

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Everyone is online. That's far from the truth. In fact only 1/3 of people have access to the internet. This can change soon, but the newcomers will have a lot to learn to really catch up.

100% of funds raised with this auction will be donated to provide education to underprivileged kids, so that they can remain creative and catch up with the online world quicker.

The art below has been created by 28+ artists, to their style.

Bid and donate!

How does it work?

Each bid is a donation.

You donate with each bid. If you get outbid,
don't worry, just donate again
and we will sum up your bids.

Highest bidder wins the canvas.

You can choose to donate your bid even if you don't win, but you don't have to.

Everyone gets a reward!

Even if you don't win a canvas, you get 1 month of Dropr GURU for each $10 you donate and a year for $100 :)
Plus probably the canvas you chose!

A bit more info.

The creative industry is growing faster every year and since many big companies are thinking how to provide internet to developing countries (Google's Loon project, Facebook's plan to launch drones etc.) there's a real chance for currently underprivileged kids to change their future by becoming creative professionals.
We want to help them get there.

By reaching the target we can collect enough money to feed over 300 pupils for a year
or build 2 class-rooms!

The auction lasts till the 22nd of June, 0 days left

All money will be donated to:

Top bidders

  1. Anonymous $1000
  2. Anonymous $470
  3. Anonymous $375
  4. Anonymous $240
  5. Anonymous $164
  6. Anonymous $150
  7. Anonymous $145
  8. Anonymous $100
  9. Rebecca Ochoa $75
  10. Neda Haghshenas $50

Thank you!

Delivery & terms

Artwork will be dispatched by the 30th of June. Artwork can be collected personally in London or delivered using insured courier service at an additional cost. We'll deliver worldwide.

All bids require a payment and will go towards children education, but if you select to be refunded we will return 100% of your unsuccessful bid at the end of the auction.

All canvases will be sent in a black wooden frame, easy to remove if needed.