Alone Together

Thank you for your interest in our band. Alone Together is a modern alt-rock duo based out of Sarasota, Florida, consisting of power vocalist/lyricist Sky Stahlmann and producer/instrumentalist Matthew VanDerSchuur. We formed the act in spring 2015, less than a year ago, and in that time we have won a fiercely loyal following which continues to grow and open new doors at an astonishing rate.
The mission of Alone Together has been simple from its conception: to create a haven and a community for those who feel alone or unwanted, and empower them to face life head-on. Sky alternates raw, soul-baring moments of weakness with shameless, powerful independence in her lyrics, while Matt matches her word for word with his skillful composition. In the past three to four months we have been focusing on honing our live performance, taking on a talented backing band and playing concerts in various local settings. We make a point to offer something new and unique to our audience at every show, be it an amazing opening act, an exclusive acoustic set, or a new, unreleased song.
Our time on the live music scene has enabled us to completely independently finance the production and release of our debut 7-song EP, Sunsets and Tears. And we're not stopping there - exciting new things are already on the table for a summer in the studio! We are extremely grateful and truly humbled for the immense support we have received so far and look forward to discovering what the future holds for us. Thank you again for your personal interest in supporting local acts, young talent, and the next generation of music!
Sky & Matt